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The Rio Grande Publishing Press

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   Welcome to Rio Grande Publishing Of The Southwest,  and The Rio Grande Publishing Press.

   We are the Southwest's premier on-line news source.

  We cover stories that contain facts. Stories like:
The Ousting Of Speaker Of The House Raymond G. Sanchez, The Grand Jury Days of Family Crime Boss, David M. Santillanes, of Alameda, New Mexico, and many more. 
   We are a Associated Press, United Press International, PR News Wire, and Business Wire affiliate with regional, and national on-line news coverage.
   Dr. Fleetwood, is a veteran publisher, and lawyer with over 25 years of goverment experiance. He writes the facts. He gets to the truth, and has covered stories for: President George W. Bush, Central Intelligence Director Porter Goss, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and many others.
   We hope you enjoy the Rio Grande Publishing Press
where: "The Truth,....Is The News".
   Registered with: The Better Business Bureau,
Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501